You ring a random doorbell in a foreign city. Who answers?

Writer and photographer Andrew Losowsky captured the alluring and varied doorbells of Florence, Italy and then imagined the stories of those who might dwell within. Charming, whimsical, and elegant, each story is a perfect match for its photo, balancing the old-world appeal of Florence and the contemporary, gritty realities of a modern city.

The Doorbells of Florence enters hidden worlds of fated love, chance encounters, invented languages, false maps, and a secret beneath the floorboards. Travelers, lovers of Italy, and imaginative wanderers will delight in this collection, which features hand-drawn lettering and a silk-screened cover.

Originally a cult online hit, The Doorbells of Florence won the Lulu Blooker Prize for Fiction for books that began life on the internet.

"Terrific and very well written. Much more fun than anything else I have seen this year." - Joanne Harris, author of Chocolat

The Doorbells of Florence by Andrew Losowsky
Fictional stories and photographs published by Chronicle Books
Hardcover, full-color with 35 photographs
Spring/Summer 2009

The Doorbells of Florence - The Play
Produced by Vivid Dreams.
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